Online Tennis Betting

Tennis is a popular sport that is recognized and cherished by people from all over the world, which means that there are numerous high-profile sportsbooks that offer excellent event coverage and a wide selection of tennis-related betting opportunities. As a result, punters who enjoy betting on tennis don’t have to settle for anything less than the absolute best bonuses and odds, which makes this discipline all the more enticing for online sports betting newcomers. Regrettably, many people believe that getting into online betting is hard or requires a serious learning effort. Thankfully, doubts of this kind are usually completely unfounded, as joining the action usually proves to be very easy and natural even for the most casual sport enthusiasts.

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Ways to Bet on Tennis Online

The number of ways to bet on tennis is should satisfy even the most demanding bettors, but none of them are particularly complicated or hard to understand. The most popular options include betting on match winners, set betting and prop bets, but many people also enjoy the high-risk, high-reward action available with future wagers or parlays. Furthermore, it is worth pointing out that many sports betting sites allow you to engage in live, in-play wagering, which means that you’ll be able to adjust your decisions and make your picks as you watch the players compete on your TV screen.

Tennis Match Betting

Betting on match winners is probably the simplest and most intuitive wager you could place on any sport, so it should come as no surprise that the lion’s share of the traffic on online sportsbooks is generated by bets of this kind. Most of the times you come upon a bet of this kind you will be faced with two betting lines. A negative line (marked with a minus sign) requires you to risk a set amount of money for a chance to win $100, while a positive line (marked with a plus sign) gives you a shot at claiming the amount posted for every $100 you invest. Consider the following example:

Rafael Nadal -110

Roger Federer +120

In this case Rafael Nadal is the favorite. Consequently, you’re going to receive $100 for every $110 you wager on this player if he manages to win the match. On the other hand, betting on Federer will earn you $120 for every $100 you’ve decided to invest to compensate for the higher risk involved in betting on the underdog.

Set Betting

Set wagers are very similar to correct score soccer bets, which makes them definitely harder to pull off when compared with match bets. A set bet requires you to predict the exact result of the contest. Consequently, the odds offered on set betting tend to be very enticing, which makes them an excellent choice for adrenaline-thirsty punters. However, you should keep in mind that specializing in set bets and turning long-term profit requires a serious handicapping effort and a lot of research. Many novice punters are carefree about set betting due to its immense popularity, but that’s no reason for you to make the same mistake.

Parlay Betting

Parlays, or accumulators, are bets that allow you to combine multiple match bets or set bets into a single wager. The biggest advantage of placing a parlay instead of separate wagers is the considerably larger return on your investment if you win. However, the price for the better odds is rather high, as losing on a single selection is enough to lose the entire parlay. Consequently, successful bettors are extremely picky about selecting the players to put on their parlay tickets and prefer to place their accumulator bets in the early rounds of each tournaments when the number of lopsided matches is still relatively high.

Futures Betting

Betting on tennis futures more often than not involves predicting which player will win a large tennis tournament. As you’d expect, those bets require you to make a long-term commitment, which means that they aren’t the best choice for punters who prefer to reinvest their winnings. ATP and WTA tennis tournament usually have their futures odds posted about a week before the first matches are scheduled to start, while events such as Australian Open, French Open, US Open and Wimbledon tend to have their odds posted months in advance.

Proposition Betting

Proposition bets are entertaining side wagers that can involve anything related to the game that hasn’t been covered by any of the categories listed above. Popular tennis prop bets include 1st set game score, predicting whether there’s a tie break or not, predicting which player will outlast his opponent in a head-to-head matchup throughout the tournament or what round a specific player will be eliminated in. All in all, props are an excellent way to spice up your betting experience, but you probably shouldn’t be planning on turning them into a primary source of your sports betting-related income.