Online Golf Betting

Golf isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they talk about wagering on sporting events, but thanks to the popularity of this discipline in the English-speaking world many online sportsbooks offer rather impressive golf betting options. Consequently, many handicappers focus on golf betting and take advantage of the possibility to compare the odds between different sites and go for the most profitable wagers. Quite obviously, assuming this approach requires you to gain an in-depth understanding of how each of the available bet types works, but don’t worry – making the first step towards becoming a successful punter isn’t as hard as it might initially sound.

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Ways to Bet on Golf Online

The number of betting opportunities available with the biggest and most reliable sports betting sites might prove to be a little bit overwhelming for a novice bettor, especially since the basic wager types are slightly different from sports like soccer or basketball. Unlike in team-based disciplines, in golf betting punters usually have to choose between wagering on a particular golfer to win the event, betting on one of the contestants to place in the top three or betting that a golfer will perform better than one of his opponents. However, the differences between golf betting and wagering on other sports pretty much end there, as the odds are generally displayed in popular and easy to learn formats. Furthermore, golf fans aren’t restricted to pre-match betting. In fact, many excellent sites offer numerous live in-play betting options, allowing you to place your wagers as you watch the game on your TV.

Outright Winner Betting

The most common, simplest and most intuitive way of putting your money on a golf tournament is to wager on one of the golfers winning the event. Quite obviously, not every player has the same chances of triumphing over his opponents, which is reflected in the odds set by the bookmaker. Once you open the list of outright winner markets for a particular event, you should see something along the lines of:

Adam Scott +250

Henrik Stenson +700

Kevin Na +700

Martin Laird +600

Paul Casey +300

Brandt Snedeker +250

Those odds are very similar to money line odds you might know from other sports – the only notable difference is the fact that you won’t find any negative lines here. Consequently, wagering $100 on one of the golfers gives you a chance to win the amount listed next to his name if he manages to come out on top. For example, if you wager $200 on Henrik Stenson and he manages to win the event, your payout will amount to $1400. On the other hand, betting $200 on one of the favorites, like Adam Scott or Brandt Snedeker, will net you $500.

2/3 Ball Betting

Two and three ball betting is different from betting on the outright winner, as your goal here is to predict who will come out on top in individual matchups on each round of play. In this type of betting, the winner is the golfer in the pairing or group with the lowest score over 18 holes, but you have to keep in mind that all players are usually required to complete at least 3 holes for the bets to stand. 2/3 ball betting is often favored by punters who prefer to minimize the risk involved in their bets, as winning a wager of this kind is significantly easier than cashing in on an outright winner bet.

Top Three Finish Betting

As you’ve probably already guessed, in top three finish betting you’re wagering whether a particular golfer will place in the top three of a specific event or not. Quite obviously, winning this bet is easier than winning an outright winner wager, which means that the odds offered on top three bets are significantly lower.

Parlay Betting

Just like in the case soccer, basketball and every other sport that allows you to take advantage of parlay bets, golf parlays allow you to roll multiple wagers into one. The difference between parlay betting and placing each bet separately is the fact that all the selections have to win in order for your parlay to pay off. Consequently, the higher the amount of bets you include in your parlay, the higher the payout. This means that parlays are best suited for punters who really enjoy high-risk, high-reward betting action.

Futures Betting

While the aforementioned bet types generally require the punter to predict the outcome of a single event or even round, many sports betting sites allow golf enthusiasts to place future bets, which allow them to wager on the results of the entire season. Popular golf future bets include betting on which golfer will earn the most European Tour prize money and receive the European Order of Merit or betting on who will top the US PGA Money List by the end of the golfing season.

Proposition Betting

While not as popular as in the case of team sports, prop bets for golf allow you to put your money on game-related situations that aren’t covered by any of the aforementioned bet types. For example, a PGA Championship prop bet might require you to predict whether someone will score a hole-in-one or whether a golfer will record a triple bogey or not. In fact, some of the proposition bets focus on individual players and may even give you a chance to guess whether a well-known golfer will score a pre-determined number of points on a specific day.