MNF: 49ers @ Rams Free Pick

San Francisco at St. Louis

Monday, October 13

8:30pm EST on ESPN

Online Odds: Bovada has San Francisco as a 3 1/2 point favorite (-105)

If you take a look at last week’s pick, you’ll see we successfully picked Seattle -7 1/2 over Washington.

This week has another exciting Monday night matchup: The St. Louis Rams hosting the San Francisco 49ers. Ram’s QB Austin Davis has been lighting it up as of late, and the Rams have come on strong offensively overall. However, the Rams’ schedule hasn’t been the strongest to start the season, and they now face a stout 49ers’ defense.

Don’t expect any big surprises. San Fran wins by double digits.

My Pick: 49ers -7.5  Search Odds and Bet now at Bovada!

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MNF: Redskins vs Seahawks Free Pick

Seattle at Washington

Monday, October 6

8:30pm EST on ESPN

Online Odds: Bovada has Seattle as a favorite at -7.5 points

The Seahawks travel to D.C. to take on the struggling Washington Redskins. Mascot controversy aside, one of the major stories coming into this game is the Redskins’ shalacking last week at the hands of the New York Giants. Kirk Cousins looks to regroup and return to his efficient, consistent form, but that may be a tall challenge against what is arguably the NFL’s best past defense.

The Seahawks, on the other hand, are coming off of a bye week and are certainly salivating after watching Cousins throw four picks to New York defenders last Thursday. Seattle is also likely motivated to re-establish themselves as the premier team in the league since their loss to San Diego in week 2.

7 and 1/2 points is a very large spread in the NFL, but even the diehard Redskin fan inside of me cannot honestly recommend you to bet against the ‘Hawks. Take the ‘Hawks and watch them strip the skins of their pride late this coming Monday Night.

My Pick: Seahawks -7.5  Search Odds and Bet now at Bovada!

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Germany vs Argentina – 2014 World Cup Final

Germany vs Argentina

Sunday, July 13


Online Odds: Bovada has Germany -170 and Argentina +140

The Finals of the 2014 World Cup are finally upon us! Germany and Argentina have prevailed over 3 group opponents and 3 head-to-head challengers.

One would have to admit that the two finalists have arrived in quite different fashion. Germany is coming off a most impressive 7-1 victory over home-team Brazil. Argentina, on the other hand, squeaked out a victory in penalty kicks over the Netherlands.

This sort of victory has been standard for Argentina all tournament. They have one every match by exactly 1 goal. This is not necessarily a bad thing — a win is a win. But their inability to display dominance over the weaker lineups of Iran and Bosnia Herzegovina elicits some worry about their chances versus a much much stronger Germany.

Germany has obviously shown the ability to blow out world class teams like Portugal (4-0) and Brazil (7-1). These stats obviously don’t predict how their match vs Argentina, but bookies and fans apparently agree that Germany is a substantial favorite.

My Pick: Germany -170 Search Odds and Bet now at Bovada!

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Netherlands vs Brazil – World Cup Pick

Netherlands vs Brazil

Saturday July 12, 2014

4pm EST

Online Odds: Bovada has Brazil -175 and Netherlands +145

While the Netherlands and Brazil have been top performers during this summer’s World Cup, both teams have sputtered out in the semifinals, falling to Argentina and Germany respectively.

Brazil was truly humiliated in their 7-1 loss against Germany earlier this week. Being the host country of this years tournament, they will be ready to play hard and redeem themselves.

On the other hand the Netherlands’ coach has publicly stated his ire for FIFA’s insistence on this 3rd place match being played. He has publicly opposed the idea of a 3rd place match for years and has already hinted at playing several younger backups in this final game. This could give Brazil quite an advantage heading in the match — especially with the likely return of Thiago Silva.

Look for a convincing Brazil win in this one.

My Pick: Brazil Search Odds and Bet now at Bovada!

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Argentina vs Netherlands Pick – World Cup Semifinal

Argentina vs Netherlands

Wednesday July 9, 2014

4pm EST

Online Odds: Bovada has Argentina at -145 and Netherlands at +120

Another classic matchup ensues as the Netherlands take on Argentina in the 2014 World Cup Semifinals. These teams have some memorable World Cup history with each other —  a factor which, no doubt, will be stuck in the back of players’ minds.

While both of these nations are perennial giants in International Soccer, neither has looked very dominant on their way to the Semifinals. Yes, both teams have secured victories in all 5 prior matches. But many of those games were won with last minute goals. Several could’ve ended in ties or losses.

If this game goes anything like prior ones of these two teams, this match will likely have plenty of exciting buildups but with few goals to go along. Look for a low scoring match with a 1-0 finish or 1-1 tie heading into penalty kicks.

Seeing these teams as extremely even, I will take the Netherlands due to their favorable odds.

My Pick Netherlands +120 Search Odds and Bet now at Bovada!

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Brazil vs Germany Pick – World Cup Semifinal

Brazil vs Germany

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4pm EST

Online Odds: Bovada has Brazil at -105 and Germany at -115

Finally we’ve reached the semifinals. There are few surprises here as many predicted powerhouses Brazil and Germany to advance this far. Unfortunately, one of them must lose now, so who will it be?

There is one massive factor that will swing the decision from one side completely to the opposite side: Neymar.

Brazil’s attacking star Neymar went down with an apparent back injury late in their game against Colombia. Later, the team would report that he broke his third vertebrae, leaving him unable to participate for the remainder of the World Cup.

This loss is absolutely enormous and is the primary reason I (and many others) are now picking the Germans to advance to the World Cup Finals.

The sportsbooks online have the two teams even on goals, with slightly better odds given to Brazil (the implied underdog now).

My Pick: Germany -115 Search Odds and Bet now at Bovada!

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Holland vs Costa Rica World Cup – Free Pick

Netherlands vs Costa Rica

Saturday July 5, 2014

4pm EST

Online Odds: Bovada has Netherlands -1 (-120) and Costa Rica +1 (EVEN)

One of the hardest to predict Quarterfinals matches of this years World Cup is Costa Rica vs the Netherlands. On one hand, Costa Rica has been the Cinderella of the World Cup. Defeating Italy and Uruguay in group play, then drawing with England to win a very tough group outright. They followed up with a hard fought victory over Greece in the Round of 16, but they looked less spectacular than 2 weeks ago.

Holland, on the other hand, has been powerful, yet inconsistent. They roared out of the gates with a 5-1 slaughter of defending champions Spain. They rallied to beat the Aussies and finished off their group in 1st place. However, they were just 5 minutes away from falling to Mexico 1-0 in the Round of 16. Finally in the 88th minute, they put in the equalizer. And before heading to extra time, they earned a penalty kick to take the outright victory 2-1 in shocking fashion.

Expect this game to play similarly to Mexico vs Holland. However, Costa Rica doesn’t have the experience and poise of Mexico, and they are more likely to fall under the heavy pressure of Netherlands attack.

My Pick: Netherlands -1 Search Odds and Bet now at Bovada!

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Argentina vs Belgium World Cup – Free Pick

Argentina vs Belgium

Saturday July 5, 2014

12pm EST

Online Odds: Bovada has Argentina -185 and Belgium +155

Again we have 2 teams who were expected to win their groups and advance to the Quarterfinals. And again we have 2 teams who have not disappointed. Both have staved off upsets game after game, each winning 4 straight heading into Saturday’s showdown.

Many picked Belgium as a possible sleeper to reach the finals before this tournament started. Then they looked shaky, scoring few goals and winning games in the final minutes during group play. However, they seem to be emerging and playing their best at the right time. In their match vs the USA, they managed to put together a very strong performance. Though again they didn’t score until very late, they had many incredible opportunities that would have gone in against a lesser goalkeeper. Once they finally put in the first goal, they quickly followed it with an impressive second goal to seal the game in extra time.

Argentina has also won a few matches with late goals (such as their Iran win). Their greatest criticism is that the team relies too much on Messi. They don’t have any other confident performers to take some of the pressure off of Lionel. Frankly, this is one of the truest analyses of this entire tournament. And it will be the downfall of Argentina this weekend.

Belgium have more depth, better overall strikers, and are peaking at the right time.

My Pick: Belgium Search Odds and Bet now at Bovada!

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France vs Germany World Cup – Free Pick

France vs Germany

Friday, July 4, 2014

12pm EST

Online Odds: Bovada has Germany at -140 and France at +115

France and Germany are coming off of similar World Cup performances this year leading into their head to head match. Both were favorites to win their initial groups, and both fulfilled expectations with ease. Both also came out relatively untested, leaving questions about how top notch this year’s teams really are. And finally, both knocked out the remaining 2 African teams in the Round of 16.

These teams appear to be evenly matched on every data piece available. With France getting slightly better odds at the sportsbooks, I prefer betting on them. However, don’t let any specific result shock you. These teams are both capable of putting in 4 goals in a game. Depending on effort, intangibles, and lady luck, this game could truly go either way!

My Pick: France Wins Search Odds and Bet now at Bovada!

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Brazil vs Columbia World Cup – Free Pick

Brazil vs Columbia

Friday, July 4, 2014

4pm EST

Online Odds: Bovada has Brazil -1/2 (-130) and Columbia +1/2 (+110)

Brazil’s road into the quarterfinals hasn’t been as smooth as some might have expected. First, a scoreless draw with Mexico gave us reason to question their level of mastery. Then, a tight match with with Chile in the 1st match of the Round of 16 that easily could have been lost. Chile had ample scoring chances (as did Brazil) and were only defeated in a final penalty kick tiebreaker.

Now Brazil faces an extremely dangerous Columbia team that has now won 4 straight matches. In those 4 games, they are averaging wins by more than 2 goals per game — granted the opponents they faced include Greece, Japan, Ivory Coast, and Uruguay (minus Suarez).

While this is a difficult match to predict, the big X factor is Brazil’s home field advantage. It’s not secret how massive this advantage is in all sports. In the World Cup it is magnified tenfold. Brazil will win this game (though not the whole tournament).

My Pick: Brazil -1/2 Search Odds and Bet now at Bovada!

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