Germany vs Argentina – 2014 World Cup Final

Germany vs Argentina

Sunday, July 13


Online Odds: Bovada has Germany -170 and Argentina +140

The Finals of the 2014 World Cup are finally upon us! Germany and Argentina have prevailed over 3 group opponents and 3 head-to-head challengers.

One would have to admit that the two finalists have arrived in quite different fashion. Germany is coming off a most impressive 7-1 victory over home-team Brazil. Argentina, on the other hand, squeaked out a victory in penalty kicks over the Netherlands.

This sort of victory has been standard for Argentina all tournament. They have one every match by exactly 1 goal. This is not necessarily a bad thing — a win is a win. But their inability to display dominance over the weaker lineups of Iran and Bosnia Herzegovina elicits some worry about their chances versus a much much stronger Germany.

Germany has obviously shown the ability to blow out world class teams like Portugal (4-0) and Brazil (7-1). These stats obviously don’t predict how their match vs Argentina, but bookies and fans apparently agree that Germany is a substantial favorite.

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