Shaq Bets He Can Get Into the White House Unannounced

Bet Summary: Shaq bets he can walk up to the White House unannounced and be welcomed inside.

Year: 2009

Who: Shaquille O’Neal vs one of his handlers

Stake: Loser does 1000 pushups

Status: Completed

Details of Shaquille O’Neal’s Wager

In July 2009 Shaq and one of his handlers had a debate about whether Shaq could drop by the White House unannounced and be welcomed in. After arguing back-and-forth they decided to bet on it. Shaq would try the bold move to settle the debate one and for all. They decided the loser would have to do 1000 pushups.

For Once in His Life, Shaq was Denied

While you’re not likely to see the 7’1 Shaquille O’Neal denied on the basketball court, he was in fact, rejected as he approached the White House. In an interview with the Washington Post Shaq had this to say about his bet:

“The rule was I couldn’t use any of my political connections,” he explained. “Couldn’t show a badge. I couldn’t call anybody, because I’ve got a couple of best friends that work for the Secret Service. So that was the rule. They took my phone away, I jumped in a cab, went up there, and the guy wouldn’t let me in. I went to the gate,” he said. “They were nice. They said, ‘Shaq, we can’t do it.’ I said, ‘I understand.'”

Shaq says he’s working off the pushups “20 or 30 at a time”.