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USA vs Belgium World Cup Round of 16 Pick

The USA have now qualified for the Round of 16 single-elimination phase of the World Cup for the 4th time ever (all in the last 20 years). Though they finished group play with a sinking 1-0 loss to Germany, their prior performances against Ghana and Portugal earned them the points necessary to move forward.

USA vs Germany World Cup Game 3 Pick

USA’s last match vs Portugal has become what many are calling the most exciting match of the World Cup tournament so far. After falling behind early on a bad defensive miscue, USA rallied back in the 2nd half for a powerful 2-1 lead. They controlled the entire field for 85 out of the 90 minutes of regulation time. And only in the last 30 seconds of extra time did they let the game slip away.

Mexico vs Croatia World Cup Game 3 Pick

Set to be one of the exciting final matches of World Cup round-robin play, Mexico vs Croatia is not an easy game to pick. Both teams have sleeper potential and have exhibited the ability to play with the best in the world.

USA vs Portugal World Cup Game 2 Pick

Coming off of a thrilling opening game 2-1 victory over Ghana, the US National Soccer team is in position to virtually lock up a seat in Round 2 of the World Cup. A win over Portugal would provide the US with 6 points in their group, and a likely German victory over Ghana would put the US (and Germany) into the 2nd round.

French Open Preview: Nadal Faces Big Challenges in 2014

While Rafael Nadal’s stranglehold on clay surface success begins to ease up, a hungry field of ATP competitors is ready and waiting to take his place on the throne. Don’t get us wrong, Rafa remains the tennis betting favorite with 5/4 odds of winning the French Open, but he has had some vulnerabilities exploited in 2014 already.